The fine line between work and personal life


In a world where we’re connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, constantly trying our hardest to excel in our career while believing we can have it all – family, friends, a love life and the career, those different aspects of our lives overlap – a fine, blurred line we cannot ignore. As much as we may try, there is no wall we could possibly set up. The barrier between our professional and domestic realms just intertwine - like the runners of an ivy vine, away from the ideal life where we’re able to draw a clear line between both worlds.

While we long for more balance, professional and personal demands of our lives often collide and compete. We allow our jobs bleed over into our personal lives – almost like an expectation of our ‘new generation’, a generation of leaders not willing to sacrifice fulfilling personal lives for the sake of their careers. And while we often see them as competition, that separation and rivalism is only possible up to a certain extend - the modern way of living allowing us to see work and personal life as allies - without letting work consume us. Flexible work arrangements and control over how they manage those boundaries certainly helps.

The days of convincing ourselves that we can separate our work and personal lives are over, and we should embrace this change. Mostly because if we don’t, it will have a negative impact on not only our productivity. Although we have many different roles in life, we are ultimately one and the same person, with limited time, energy and resources. Instead of putting pressure on ourselves to achieve a great utopia of work-life balance, we should start focusing on work-life integration: our ability to ensure that our personal and business interests are incorporated into our daily lives and routines.

CareerCharline Catteeuw