The conscious traveler - and how to be one


5-star beach vacation or backpacking trip through the mountains - Going away is great. But all that glitters is not gold, and us city people more than anyone will know some of the drawbacks that come with the tourism industry. As much as we complain, there might be some simple lifestyle changes we may not have thought of making ourselves. Compiled together are some of things that you should consider doing for your next vacation - they'll help you make less of an environmental impact.

Culture struck

Your holiday may be all joy the full package - a decadent feast each night, your feet up by the hotel pool, all the while as you are living the life you've always imagined - just down the road are locals. Tourism isn't always helping the economy, and we often forget that while we lounge on the whitest of beaches, we may often find ourselves in a different cultural environment, not to say that our holiday plans often evolve around underprivileged community - and we should ignore that. Get out and learn about the community, the culture and the people. It could make your stay so much more enriching. After all, you have gone halfway across the world - that's the least you could do.

The idea of haggling

Haggling for something that is most likely only worth £10 anyways isn't just pointless - have you ever thought about the people giving you something for half the price actually not being able to afford so - but do anyway, because they're dependent on the tourists' every penny to support their family. Keep in mind the community you are surrounded by - and the life they live compared to your own life back at home. 

Together we can make a difference

We're living a life surrounded by a false image created by technology. To be able to let go of that and go to the middle of nowhere, volunteer and help those you've never met is one of the most enriching things in life, make their lives, as much as yours just that little bit happier. Next time you go away, instead of lounging around for the full duration of your vacation, why not help those in need. It could be a real eye-opener for those constantly on the go - as it has been for C.

Less plastic, more cardboard

Sadly, no conscious traveling list would be complete without some environmental key points to help mother nature's beauty back up on its feet. The latest addition to our list, cardboard straws. Getting rid of plastic altogether and buying a pack of cardboard straws, or better yet, reusable straws, really will do the best of good. 

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