Small change, big difference - 5 style choices that will instantly make you look more put together


Meeting someone for the first time is always stressful. You want to make sure you leave a good impression, and dress your best. However, no matter how much time you have spent putting an outfit together, there will always be that one small thing that you might have forgotten, and that one little thing will make the big difference.

To nail or not to nail?

Chipped nail varnish can be the most irritating thing you wouldn't want anyone to notice, and more often than not no polish is better than trying to hide your poorly painted nails so it doesn’t make you look like you don’t care. Even when no one is aware you've only realised when you left the door, they won't mention because people are either too polite or, just have no reason to mention chipped nail varnish.


The great use of an iron

This is a big one, especially depending on the fabric you are wearing, since creases show up worse on fabrics like silk. Creases in your clothing make you look like you haven’t really put enough time or effort into yourself, not to say that you are lazy, but, how long does it really take to iron your clothes?


Colour, colour, colour!

There is nothing worse than seeing an outfit gone wrong just because of bad colour coordination. If you don’t know how to wear colour’s, start with one item you want to stand out, such as a statement jacket. A loud clothing item is great for drawing attention while making it easier to coordinate. Once you have your statement piece, the rest of your outfit goes in line with the colours in your jacket.


Fashion vs. comfort

Don’t worry, we've all been there, done this before. There have been times where we stepped out the door wearing a flowing skirt on the windiest of days. And as we step through the door into a meeting we look absolutely terrible, with hair all over the place as if it had been pulled through a bush. All we can say is to check the weather and that more is always better than less - a motto to live by anyway!


Mirror mirror…

Lipstick, although it looks great when first applied, throughout the day just gets worse and worse and worse. One of the things we fear the most after having finished eating, 'Will I find lipstick all over my face?' Of course! There is no secret answer to this, just beware and use a mirror or reapply after you’ve eaten.


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