When creativity leaves the room- How to find inspiration



Pretty much everyone must have encountered the deflated feeling of lost inspiration at one point or another. Sometimes all our creativity wants do to is part ways and leave us with our unfulfilled, sluggish self. For a creative, seeing the world, experiencing things around can be everything, and feeling uninspired one of the most frustrating things out there. Understandably, not everyone can just jump up and get a week's worth vacation on a remote island - but you may find new way to channel your inner creativity.

The first time. When was the last time you have done something for the first time? - One of the best pieces of advices ever received is to do but one new thing every week. Don't underestimate - It's easier than it seems. Whether that's going to a new exhibition or trying a new activity, doing something new each week will allow you to be inspired on a whole new level. Taking on board the creativity of others can channel a new original thought, so you can go into your head and understand what inspires you.

Away from it all. Sometimes all we need is a breath of fresh air. Take that solo break you've always wanted to take but have never actually taken. Go on that day trip to the beach. Have that staycation all by yourself - anything, anywhere, as long as it's different from the office space you look at day in, day out. Leave the laptop behind and try to forget about work a while, and go somewhere - by yourself. I'm not talking a week-long holiday, just somewhere foreign to channel some new thoughts.

The deadly zone. The comfort zone is deadly - Don't let it hold you back. If you don’t step out to learn about new cultures then you will never be able to experience and adapt. So start doing everyday things differently. Take a different route to work. Take your time making decisions. Trust yourself - make snap decisions. Do it in small steps. You could meet some of the best people, collaborate and develop a fresh idea from something you didn’t expect to enjoy.

Keep up the unexpected. Inspiration can appear at any given time, as long as you're actively on the hunt - don’t expect inspiration to come to you whilst trapped inside all day. Go out, find something that makes you think in an utterly new and different way. Broaden your horizon. By then, looking at life from an unusual perspective will build up creativity. Continue to be curious - remain to seek and wonder. Question new things, and adapts to a new idea. If you constantly expect the expected it will come through to what you produce.


by Colleen Considine


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