Your time outside of work, and how to spend it wisely


Whatever it is you do outside of work, it will impact both your professional and personal life - so they say. 5 days a week can be over within no time, more often than not without having taken any time for yourself. Sometimes it is so hard to make for you to keep learning outside of work, when it is in fact such an important factor. We've listed a few things you can do to better yourself in your spare time - they'll come in handy, trust us.

Embrace the early bird

Although you may want to spend your weekends inside and lie in you would be surprised about the benefits of waking up early. If you have one full day a week to relax and another to be productive then you can catch up on all the life necessities; exercise, cleaning, whatever it is that oh-so-urgently needs doing. Then, you can spend the rest of your weekend with family, friends, and relax.

The power of learning a new language

Allowing you to keep your mind active and strive for something outside of the usual work environment, learning a new language can come with many benefits. You would have no trouble blending in with the locals on your next trip, and it might help you get ahead while in the job. Who knew you could be able to keep your mind focused and learn outside the office.


While this won’t necessarily sound productive, think about it this way. If you are spending seven days a week constantly on the go you will just find yourself exhausted, full stop. Although the weekends can be packed full with important tasks to do you do really need some time to yourself. Have a clear balance of work and relaxation and start the week feeling fully refreshed and ready for the new week ahead.

Get physical

The lazy man’s worst nightmare - exercise. It's not a secret, but you need to keep moving - spending all week sitting down at a desk is extremely unhealthy for your body and mind. Get focused on something other than getting your weekly tasks done. Exercise puts you in a frame of mind where you are focused on getting the job done.


Expand your knowledge

The week can be long and hectic but, picking up a book, newspaper or watching a documentary from time to time can do you the world of good. That way you can keep updated with weekly news, learn new things that may interest you or help you in your career. For a journalist, you have to keep reading, new books, magazines or newspapers you can see new writers on the scene or an article you may want to delve further into.


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