Linen - Hippie chic, summer favourite.


Hippie chic, nineties must. Linen used to have quite a stigma about it, that it's all sack dresses and oversized smocks, if not tablecloths. But this summer, the high grade alternative to cotton, known by many for its fresh and cool feel, is back at the forefront of fashionability - better than ever before, with some of the coolest brands using linen in their collections. And with it, our preferred solution for beating the heat. 

Back in the Thirties, women wore linen suits and lace wedding gowns made of linen. The fabric quickly became a favourite of the yachting elite. It later got a transformation when hippies turned the fabric into harem trousers and embroidered peasant dresses.

All of the sudden, it disappeared from the limelight. But happy news - With the movement towards more comfortable fabrics growing, designers and the high street alike have woken up to linen's charms, and the sustainable, eco-friendly and versatile fabric is returning to become the must-wear of the summer -its breathability and great texture making it a favourite of ours not only this season.