Online or in-store: The millennial debate


It's the 21st-century debate everyone's talking about. Should we continue to shop in store, or, should we all convert to online shopping? While online is something fairly new, browsing the web just seems too easy these days. Click. Click. Purchased. The idea of what shopping used to be, having a day out, relaxing and buying something new has gone out the window. People are constantly on the go, working, busy with their lives and just don’t seem to have the time to go shopping for something you can find online within five minutes without having to leave your house.
So, is the end of in-store shopping upon us? Is online here to stay?

Online shopping. Quick, easy and no trouble at all - sometimes. You find that single item that you really need, but before you know you have another 10 or 15 dresses, 5 pairs of shoes, a bag and a mountain of accessories even Iris Apfel would be shocked at.
Then the waiting - Next day delivery is great until say, your parcel doesn't arrive. Or arrives 5 days past the expected delivery date. You’ve had to wear an old outfit to that really important meeting, so the whole online shopping thing was a complete waste of time. Oh, and not to mention the outfits that just look terrible on you because of course, you couldn't try them one before purchasing - so you lummox them all down to the post office, knowing you'll have to wait in line for another half hour.

But then, you may also just find exactly what you need - it arrives and it fits like a glove. Plus, it looks amazing, so you toss the return sheet.
Online is amazing for finding things that you just won’t get in-store. Plus, if something isn’t in in your size, it may just come back. No need to return to the store.

In-store shopping is a way to get out of the house, but, it seems more like a job than it’s worth sometimes. Going around 20 stores looking for that one specific thing, hitting the changing room, oh wait, a queue - isn’t life sooo difficult (sarcasm). Then before you know it, you’ve spent a glorious sunny few hours indoors, wasting your time looking for things you don't really need.

However, there's something about in-store shopping that makes us not quite ready yet to give up on the store experience. Plus, is great for vintage. Not knowing what you will find, the atmosphere and the experience is something that online can just not compete with. 

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