Wearing black as a wedding guest: An age-old debate


With the wedding season comes an amassment of 'dos' and 'don'ts' - including the second-guessing of every outfit we try on. And ever since Victoria Beckham stole the show at the Royal Wedding looking effortlessly chic in a deep midnight blue, we're bringing out the age-old question: Is it appropriate to wear darks, let alone black to a wedding? After all, Victoria Beckham should know fashion better than anyone else, no?

If you ask my grandmother, even my mum, no black and no white are still the rule. And while I totally agree with white being reserved solely for the bride, I never quite understood why it was ever unacceptable to wear a versatile and chic black gown to a wedding.
I do like a bit of tradition at weddings, and I certainly stick to some of the rules our ancestors came up with but let’s face it: Times are changing, and 2018 is a completely different world when it comes to wedding guest dressing. And if you ask me, black is totally acceptable to be worn to a wedding these days. (Although turning up to church on your best friend's big day dressed as Morticia Addams is probably still frowned upon). While I wouldn't go for a skin-tight, wildly cut or insanely short dress either - no matter the colour - , and I would definitely go for it as a choice for a city wedding over bohemian countryside festivities, black can definitely make you look festive yet elegant, without the outward 'all eyes on me' cry. A simple black slip dress or chic jumpsuit is a safe option to go, and can easily be dressed up or down depending on shoe choice, earrings and clutch. After all, black is my style staple. And unless wearing white, I see myself on the safe side when wedding guest dressing.