Fact is, traveling is part of our lives, and our happiest feelings are directly connected to planning the next vacation. So much that we engage with it beyond the actual action of traveling itself: Sometimes circumstances just don’t allow us to go places, so that we have to satisfy our traveling thirst in a different way.

This is where the perfect combination of our two big loves stories comes into play: Travel-inspired jewelry, allowing us to (day-)dream while being stuck at home while.

We’ve compiled a list our must-have pieces for the passionate day dreamer, taking you on a trip even if you cannot leave your current location. Plus, these beauties make amazing gifts for your globe-trotting friends as well – although they are almost too pretty to give away!

Take a fictive journey with these wonderful finds:


Chic jewelry with a hidden hint to your traveling passion? Sounds about right!
& Other Stories


This cuff bracelet merely describes what we feel!
Jet Set Candy


Pandora has a whole range of travel charms, satisfying our wanderlust in between trips



Fell in love with more than one place? Garland Collection lets you add charms from different city collections and to your necklace.
Garland Collection



Carry a special place or memory very close to your heart.
Eve’s Addiction


Now it is back – our big desire to travel the world. Looking at these jewelry piece will remind you of the great time you had and will reconnect you to the feeling of being out there. Carry your best memories in your pocket, around your neck or on your finger.

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