If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have noticed that one thing I never ever wear is jeans. As I got commented on it a lot, I wrote a post around a year ago, you can find it here.
However, I walked into Zara a while ago and spotted this pair of gingham detailed, trimmed blue jeans and somehow felt like trying them on, I loved this particular pair and just out of pure curiosity (I hadn’t seen myself in blue jeans in 4 years) I grabbed them and walked towards the fitting rooms. While I mostly like to keep it simple, I like everything that’s going on on these trousers; the bow details at the sides, frayed hems and ripped details. I must say that actually trying them on felt weird, and looking into the mirror still does. When I decided to purchase them (After sending Snaps to all of my closest friends to get their validation), I wasn’t really sure whether I was to keep them, but I wanted to give it a go. When I first wore them on a night out, I have received so many comments on not only the fact I am wearing jeans, and really personally got to love this particular pair. They have since become one of my go-to pieces, who would have thought?


Trousers: Zara
Slip dress: H&M
Heels: Primark
Bag: Oasis
Watch: Casio

Photography by Gaby Deimeke.

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