At The C Sphere, we are all about travelling. As experienced global trotters we’ve had our fair share of mistakes and SMH-moments. But you learn from your mistakes, so they say, and after lots of trials and errors, we got to the point of perfecting our travel-game and take advantage of the wonderful world of technology. I mean, your phone can do so much more than supporting your friends on Instagram, right? So here it is – the golden list of your new travel buddies:


The perfect trip starts at home, and with nobody’s favourite thing to do. – Right, packing. PackPoint has quickly become one of our essential travel apps. It’s as close as you can get to a personal butler packing your suitcase for you. Based on your length of travel, the weather at your destination, planned activities, and even taking into consideration your personal style, the perfect packing list for your needs is created ,leaving you with nothing but the folding to doWhether you’re planning a weekend getaway, beach vacation or a business trip, PackPoint makes sure you’re prepared with everything you need. Genius!


Managing all your itineraries and reservations can be complicated. TripCase provides you with a single place to organise everything you need, bringing flight itineraries, hotel bookings and rental car reservations together into one app only, making your trip as easy as it can get. Connected to travel companies, TripCase delivers the right information at the right time, and gives you notifications about flight changes, event details and Uber arrivals, which leads us to the next essential travel app.


Do we need to say more? Avoiding waiting for overpriced cabs and being able to get a reliable ride within minutes – day or night,straight from your phone, has saved us a huge amount of time when travelling in between events and appointments, and might be one of the most handy things when it comes to living and moving around in a city. Not having to have carry cash around with you and always getting up to date information about how long it will take you to get to your destination is only a bonus. On a budget? Then UberPool is for you, allowing you to travel with other riders. Plus, there’s a Snapchat filter, which is always a woo.


We wouldn’t survive in London without this one. CityMapper is an absolute lifesaver that does not only tell you when your next train is arriving (this is so basic by now, right?) but it also calculates your walking distance. It further informs you what part of the tube (or whatever vehicle you are travelling with) is the emptiest (Thank us later!). Good thing, if you’re being disconnected from your Wifi network, you can still track your journey.


Being in a new city, absolutely starving and no idea where to go? Look no further! Foursquare helps you find restaurants close to you. What makes it different from Google Maps? You can precisely search according to your price range, the type of food (brunch, duh?), dietary preferences and the cuisine of course. Wave good-bye to the Deli next to you!


We’ve experienced first-hand how hard it is to make new connections in a city. This app is amazing for everyone who plans a longer stay in a city and might panic at the thought of ending up alone. When signing up, you add your interests and then can join different meet ups. Et voilà you get weekly invites to yoga sessions, salsa classes, international socials… you name it.


There could not possibly be a travel app listing without AirBnb, right? The app literally screams experience, making for an authentic travel experience.  Whether you fancy a space with a pool or fireplace, or are seeking a budget option to stay, the app and its 2million+ unique homes is a sure-proof way to find your next home away from home, and maybe even make friends for life.


No idea what to do in a new city? TimeOut has got you covered! It tells you exactly what is going on during the week and provides you with the best of the event world, including both free events and hosted ones.


New country – new language. No matter if you just want to learn how to say thank you or you are genuinely willing to go the whole way and take up the challenge to learn the new language, these apps will be a great support to get a first glimpse into important vocabulary and phrases. Additionally, they can be used on the go – a definite plus!

Et alors, that is it. Your next trip should me more than just sight-seeing and searching  for the closest Starbucks. You’re welcome!

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